Why is that?

The COVID crisis has led to an acceleration in the perception of health risks related to bacteria and microbes.

The Universities of Strasbourg, Mulhouse, but also Basel are at the forefront of fundamental research in the field of bactericidal materials (Ti02, zeolites, ...).

The association of these materials with efficiency control devices based on, among others, connected objects can lead to complete systems for environmental sanitation and control of the performance achieved.

The markets can be found in the medical field, as well as in the field of everyday prevention, in architectural materials and also in clothing.

Preventing risk instead, adding barriers and monitoring the effectiveness of devices will certainly become the rule. It will be necessary to combine preventive and curative technologies.

However, many links are still missing on this subject in order to have a global dynamic enabling us to move from fundamental research to the market.

To this end, we propose the Galactic project, which aims to bring together all the players in a sector, from fundamental research to end use, including engineering, design, production, tests, information on uses, after-sales service, in order to master all the knowledge in the field of bactericides and virucides as well as the associated uses.

Here are the characteristics of the GALATIC PROJECT: